Empower all learners to achieve maximum growth academically, socially, and emotionally


Engaging in a systemic process of continuous improvement to show a commitment to learning for all

Howe School Collective Commitments

In order to live our mission and achieve our vision each day, the staff at Howe School are committed to:

Working collaboratively to continually improve instructional practices through:

  • Unpacking the essential standards and developing common assessments
  • Collecting and analyzing data to measure and improve instructional practice
  • Providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that challenges each student at his or her individual abilities
  • Continual learning and growth through professional development and collaboration with peers

    Providing a safe and trusting environment for students, families, and staff through:

  • Respect and understanding
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with our students and families
  • Open communication to share thoughts, opinions, ideas and concerns
  • Respecting and honoring cultural and linguistic diversity